Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 10 of wearing Shellac

I am now on day 10 after having my Shellac manicure. Over the weekend, I have scrubbed my utlity room with bleach (didnt wear gloves as really wanted to see what Shellac can handle), mopped all the floors, vacumed, changed 2 beds, yes I had a cleaning weekend!! On Saturday morning I had two clients in for Shellac, one had silver rockstar, the other rosebud, so I had to handle scrub fresh and acetone which I know breaks down shellac. On Friday, I did a pedicure, minx and facial (using aromatherapy oils) on a client and well I have to say Shellac is still going strong, the proof is in the photo so see photo attached which has been taken today (day 10). Four more days to go though, mind you I must point out I have been applying my good old solar oil every day which is a must have product for anyone who looks after their nails!! See you on Day 14!!

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