Thursday, 2 February 2012

UV Rays Exposure when having a Shellac Manicure

Today I had a client visit me at my beauty salon, The Ezina Sanctuary in Witney who was concerned about the UV Rays from the CND lamp and whether they were harmful, I know my ambassador of CND had told me that the lamps are harmless and that you would expose yourself more by being outside for 5minutes than you would using the lamp!! She seemed fine about it but after she left I thought I would research it further.

I did find a very interesting article which at first when reading it concerned me slightly, but I then read further at the comments underneath especially the one by Doug Schoon (an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry) and CND and realised  Charmaine Gillespie had not properly looked into it before posting her comment. Please click on the link below to read further:

Also thank you Doug Schoon for pointing out the facts not the speculation.

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